Tickopur RW 77 Special cleaner for plastic parts-2l

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Tickopur RW 77 Special cleaner for plastic parts-2l

TICKOPUR RW 77 contains ammonia, should therefore be taken to ensure sufficient ventilation.

In complete wetting of the surface of objects is ensured.

Hollow body so load that the air from the cavities has escaped.

Exposure depending on the type and degree of contamination.

Rinse the cleaned immediately after cleaning thoroughly with water, the residue with demineralised water.


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For cleaning and degreasing of disassembled and undivided machine and tool parts made of metal (with easy entoxidierender effect on non-ferrous and precious metals) glass, ceramic, plastic, rubber and PCBs in the service sector, in trade, industry and laboratories.

TICKOPUR RW 77 has been especially designed for cleaning in ultrasound equipment, but also for diving and wipe cleaning.
If used properly, a quick and gentle cleaning is ensured. Properties Liquid concentrate for ultrasonic application pH 9.9 at 1%
Emulsifying phosphate free biodegradable Application
Application with ultrasound
Dosage: 5%
Sonication time: 1 - 10 minutes
Temperature: 20 - 80 ° C

Application without ultrasound
Dosage: 10 - 20%
Reaction time: up to 12 hours
Temperature: 20 - 80 ° C


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